Huge increase in organic sales

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Fantastic news as organic sales have increased by 6.1% for May 2019 to May 2020, with sales up a whopping 18.7% during lockdown up to the end of May! This is to be expected given that the majority of the country has been staying at home and/or self-isolating. We welcome the news that people are revising how they shop with a sharper focus on sustainability, access and personal health. While we welcome such positive news, we must also be cautious about how this will translate in the long-term once everything returns to normal. With less time to spend on cooking once people return to work properly, this is likely to impact upon sales. There is also the economic impact to be considered and we are obviously concerned that there will be further job losses, which will mean people having to choose between more expensive organic produce and cheaper pesticide-laden food. It's not something any of us wish for and we firmly believe that it's a travesty that people have to make such a choice - health v budget. We are lucky to have been the beneficiaries of the increase in people opting for organic produce and it is wonderful to see people enjoying not only the improved flavour but also the variety of veg in their boxes, as well as the surprise. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, although we've not been without our challenges during what has been a particularly tough period. Costs have been substantially higher and shortages still continue on a weekly basis, but we've been able to weather it for the most part and customers have been greatly supportive through it all. What we can do as a business is to do our best to ensure good quality, organic produce and a personal service and let it speak for itself.


Open for orders

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As the lockdown is starting to ease we are now taking on new orders.

Please note that we are taking longer than usual to reply as demand is still very high and the volume of emails means that we can't get to everyone within the specified time of 24-48 hours. However, please be assured that someone will be in touch within 7 days.


New Orders On Hold

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Latest: Coronavirus

We received news today that there have been issues with getting some items in from Europe, which has affects new orders.

New order placed temporarily on hold:

We are sorry to announce that we have temporarily suspended taking on any new orders. We have sent,  and will continue to send, out an email explaining that we cannot take any orders for the moment. Customers will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted when a space becomes available.  This will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Existing customers:

Customers will still receive their boxes as normal unless we have problems with stock; this includes those who have confirmed they wish to receive a box. However, we can no longer accept requests from existing customers to increase box sizes

We understand that people wish to send a box to family members and loved ones, and we would dearly love to be able to help everyone, but we are a small farm and, at this time of year, we are dependent upon European produce to supplement our boxes. There is a great deal of uncertainty while we wait to hear from governments on the way forward. We do hope that we will have a clearer idea in the next week or two.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Wishing you all good health.


Coronavirus: Update

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All signs so far is that deliveries will proceed as normal and I believe there should be no issues with produce. We have a large volume of phone calls and emails and it's only been been possible to reply to some of the mail today. We're still trying to get through yesterday's. So please bear with us. The office is closed tomorrow but I'll be answering as many emails as I can from home. Please understand there will likely be delays of a few days in responding to some emails. These are uncertain and unprecedented times for many of us, so your continued patience is appreciated.



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We would like to update you on the situation with the Coronavirus. As we all know, no one is immune to the effects that it is having, not only on the health and well-being of the public but also on the supply of goods. There has been an increase in purchased produce from Europe and many countries are experiencing a staff shortage due to self-isolation. This means that there may be delays in receiving produce and we are unclear as to what effect this will have on us. As demand increases and produce available reduces, we may have to adjust our prices. Our suppliers are seeking to find alternatives in order to fulfill orders as well as to keep prices down. As it stands, Bridgefoot is doing all it can to ensure people get their deliveries. It may be that we increase the staples in boxes with produce grown on the farm or from local producers, but we will assess this as the situation evolves.

For all who've emailed us with requests, orders or changes to orders, we ask that you please be patient while we get through them. Our priority is to ensure all of our customers get their orders with as little interruption as possible. We are not taking orders or making further changes for this week. We understand that people have had their holidays cancelled and we are doing our best to ensure that none of you are without a box. We will be in touch with everyone in due course. The situation is fluid and there may be further changes, of which we'll update you as and when we can. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


Festive Period Hours

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We close out what has been a good year for food growth. The weather was not as extreme as last year, although its had its moment, and look forward to another bountiful year in 2020.

Our last delivery of the year will be 20th December and we will be closed from 21st December until we re-open on 6th January 2020.

On behalf all of us here at Bridgefoot, we'd like to thank you for your custom this year and look forward to serving you in the year ahead!

Festive table of oranges, Christmas baubles and holly wreath
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Bridgefoot Team!


Opening and Closing over Christmas

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We close out what has been a tumultuous year in terms of the weather and food growth, and look forward to a less eventful, more stable, and veg packed year in 2019.

We will be closed from 21st December and will re-open again on 7th January 2019.

On behalf all of us here at Bridgefoot, we'd like to thank you for your custom this year and look forward to serving you in the year ahead!

Christmas baubles on a snow-topped tree
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Bridgefoot!


Organic Flour

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We are absolutely delighted to have teamed up with Mungoswells Malt & Milling to bring you fantastic flour that is not only organic but is grown, milled and packaged in East Lothian.

Mungoswells logo

The mill is run by the McDowall family, with Major Andrew McDowall inventing the world's first electric tractor in the 1920s! Some of the early wheat seeds from the 1800s are being multiplied at the moment to give us a flavour of the past, which it is hoped we will get a taste of once they are ready for milling!

A view over the fields at Mungoswells
The McDowall fields

Their flour has dark flecks in it coming from the bran, and which you won't see in commercial flours, but which is more wholesome than processed white flours. If you wish to read more information, please visit their website at

Alison (miller) and Michael (trainee miller) in the mill
Alison (miller) and Michael (trainee miller)

If you wish to purchase flour, it is available upon request for the moment, but will shortly be added as an extra on the order form page.


1.5kg Plain White Organic Flour £3.45
1.5kg Self-Raising Organic Flour £3.55
1.5kg Strong White Bread Flour £3.45
1.5kg Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour £3.20

16kg sacks can also be provided, please ask for details.


Our first piece of news

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Welcome to our new website! 

We are very excited to unveil our new site. We would like to say it's been a labour of love...well, it's definitely been a labour!

As you can see there is now room for much more content on the site, which is great news for you. We have informational sections on what's seasonal, how to store your fruit and veg, the dreaded 'Hungry Gap', and there's now a section for recipes! We've also included a page for delivery areas as well as an FAQ to cover just about most things we could think of.

Finally we have a blog! This was a nightmare to manage with our last site and made posting an ordeal. No more though! With a bit of administrative manoeuvring Thursday has been freed up to concentrate on getting information out to you, our customers, and to give you more of a connection to the farm and your food. We are really excited about this, and can't wait to start posting.

We have a new order form in keeping with the old one. You will notice that we do not have the capacity to accept online payments, but that is coming. As some of you will no doubt be aware, we are still running on the same database as we have for the past 17 years. It is very tired and cannot keep pace with today's needs.

The website has been designed by John, and his team, at Enterprise Systems with a new database in mind. Work can finally begin on it now that the website has been completed. This will allow you to order and pay for your boxes via the website. It will also allow you to add extras onto your order and to suspend your order, as well as letting you subscribe to newsletters and more, saving us a lot of time and taking some of the pressure of the administration side of things. It is going to take more than a few minutes to get it all up and running, but we are on a journey and we see the destination ahead more closely than we did this time last year.

So, have a nosy around and tell us what you think!